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LSPedia achieves rapid growth leveraging Discern’s real-time KPI analytics and forecasting

By August 23, 2023No Comments

LSPedia, a pharmaceuticals supply chain software company, was looking to accelerate their growth and required the support of detailed business performance data. By implementing Discern in early 2023, LSPedia was able to utilize KPI insights to optimize their growth strategy.


As LSPedia looked toward their next stage of growth, they needed detailed performance insights and the ability to slice and dice the information to inform strategy. However, standard accounting and CRM systems such as Quickbooks and Hubspot were not able to provide the KPIs and segment analytics LSPedia required.

“It is critically important for us to slice and dice financial data and operational KPIs. Discern helps us actively measure, monitor, and analyze business performance in real-time, enabling us to drive smart business behaviors.”

Riya Cao, CEO, LSpedia

Discern + LSpedia

Today, Discern equips LSPedia with the real-time performance analytics and insights needed to support business discussions and nimbly adjust strategies. From top-of-the-funnel pipeline creation all the way down to customer retention and financial results, Discern’s customized dashboards provide next-level performance transparency and fuels LSPedia’s data-driven growth strategies.

Ultimately, Discern has empowered LSPedia to:

  • Achieve efficient growth by driving smart business behaviors.
  • Prioritize initiatives by analyzing performance by various product and customer cohorts.
  • Streamline stakeholder communications with accurate, quick, and visual answers to inquiries.
  • Accurately plan and forecast bookings.
  • Implement data architecture and connectivity best practices.
  • All while driving greater efficiency by automating analytics, presentations, and reports.

About LSpedia

LSPedia is the leading provider of turnkey FDA (DSCSA) compliance solutions and supply chain software solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.