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Business Intelligence Without the Headaches


Flexible. Comprehensive. Fast.

Businesses are increasingly making significant, sub-optimal investments in overlapping business analytics tools. Meanwhile, Discern provides a single analytics and visualization solution to optimize financial, operational and GTM performance.

Why We’re Different

Discern provides a single analytics and visualization solution to optimize financial, operational and GTM performance.

1-4 Week Implementations

Best Practice GTM Analytics

All-in-One Data Stack

No-Code BI Customization

2-6 Week Implementations

Depending on the solution(s) purchased, Discern gets clients fully deployed in a matter of days or weeks. Additionally, our team does the heavy lifting – all you need to do is help us validate the data.

Best-Practice GTM Analytics

Discern provides the best-practice business analytics and dashboards most teams require 6+ months to build. This includes sales, marketing, customer, HR, and financial insights.

All-in-One Data Stack

No need to implement function-specific analytics systems, ELT solutions, data warehouses and then layer on data visualization. Instead, Discern provides all in one data analytics and data visualization.

No Code BI Customization

Discern was built for the data consumers. Our no code interface empowers users to create custom KPIs, charts and dashboards. Plus, there’s no SQL knowledge needed.

“Discern has become instrumental in helping our portfolio companies achieve sustainable growth. In the current environment, the ability to monitor leading indicators for bookings and sales efficiency is more important than ever.”

Pablo DominguezOperating Partner, Insight Partners

Discern's Modular Solutions

Build Your Analytics Suite


Lead With Data-Backed Confidence

Investors expect their portfolio companies to be making data-driven decisions. And, while there is often no shortage of data, it can be difficult to cut through the noise.

Discern Operational KPIs serves as the foundation for data-driven strategies. By connecting the story of the data across platforms, Discern reveals the biggest risks, opportunities, and priorities.

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Limitless Integrations & Customization

Discern connects to your favorite SaaS platforms, your internal databases and even live spreadsheets to create holistic business analytics solution. As a no code BI tool, customization is easy and opportunities are endless.

200+ Out-of-the-Box KPIs

By working with leading PE and VC firms, we know the metrics that matter most. As such, we pre-calculate more than 200 KPIs and organize them in function-specific dashboards.

1-Click Board & Investor Reporting

Discern’s board and investor reporting capabilities make board deck creation a push-button process.

Quarterly Performance Retrospectives

At the end of every quarter, gain a recap of performance against targets, with insights into segment-specific performance and trends. Additionally, these retrospectives can be provided on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Automated Insights

Never miss a beat with the power of AI insights and advice. Discern utilizes the power of GPT to analyze your entire dataset and uncover hidden insights.


Discern’s analytics fuel data-driven strategies by revealing the biggest risks and opportunities for the business.

200+ KPIs

Board Reporting

Quarterly Retrospectives

Automated Advice

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AI Forecast & Rollup Forecast

Leverage the power of AI to accurately forecast bookings for the quarter and year. Additionally, Discern’s forecast rollup workflow can offer a second opinion while encouraging data hygiene behaviors.

Sales Velocity Analytics

Track the performance of sales KPIs over any time period for unparalleled point-in-time insights. Then, segment performance by any CRM field to understand your most efficient cohorts and optimize efforts accordingly.

Best Practice Dashboards

Gain all of the reports and dashboards you’ve been trying to build for several months. For example, pipeline reviews, funnel visualizations, opportunity flows, pipeline waterfalls and more.

Talent Reviews & Capacity Planning

Stack rank reps based on various performance metrics and activities. Plus, utilize our historical ramp analytics and capacity model to understand how many reps you need to meet your targets.

Meeting Efficiency Insights

Understand how many meetings it takes to win an opportunity and compare open opportunities against the baseline. Then, dive into which reps are most efficiently closing business and replicate their process across your sales force.


Eliminate Inefficiencies in Your Sales Process

CRMs are notorious for offering rigid reporting. Plus, without the right workflows set up, CRM reporting can break easily or provide inaccurate insights.

Discern uncovers the true story behind your CRM data to help sales leaders meet targets most efficiently.

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Discern uncovers the true story behind your CRM data to help sales leaders meet targets most efficiently.

AI Forecasting & Forecast Rollup

AE Scorecards & Capacity Modeling

Sales Velocity Analytics

Best-Practice Pipeline Dashboards

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Implementing Discern was one of the best choices I made in my first 90 days of building out a RevOps Organization at Florence Healthcare. The Discern team turns a task that is normally super complex and time-consuming into an easy, bite-sized effort that can be stood up quickly.

Ben CookVP of RevOps, Florence Healthcare


Take a 360 Degree Approach to Customer Success

Today, high-performing SaaS companies are expected to not only retain but also expand with existing customers. However, data is usually dispersed, making it difficult to proactively manage accounts.

Discern connects customer data wherever it lives to provide a holistic look at account health and accurately reconcile subscription data.

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ARR Dashboard

Discern reconciles data across your CRM, billing and contract systems. Then, by applying unique rules, Discern can calculate ARR/MRR changes by account.

Renewals / Expirations Tracker

Discern cross references the accounts up for renewal with key health indicators. As a result, you can ensure customers are happy well ahead of contract expiration.

Customer Cohort Analytics

Discern groups customers by sign-on or onboarding vintage. As a result, you can track how the cohorted ARR, NDR, GDR, and customer count evolves over time.

Transactional Revenue Insights

Automatically calculate your daily transactions volume by segment, apply price books, and gain leading indicators for revenue.

NRR Forecasting

Discern calculates your latest renewal and expansion rates. Then, by applying the latest data to your expiring contacts, Discern forecasts NRR and ARR.


Discern connects customer data wherever it lives to provide a holistic look at health and activity. As a result, increase NRR while reducing churn.

ARR Dashboards & Waterfalls

Transactional Revenue Insights

NRR Forecasting

Customer Cohort Analytics

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MQL Cohort Analytics

See how leads created within a certain period move through your marketing and sales funnel. As a result, gain more accurate cycle length and conversion rate insights.

Lead Funnels & Flows

Visualize where and why your greatest funnel dropoffs occur. This way, you can optimize your lead nurturing efforts.

Reverse-Funnel Modeling

Utilize historical funnel trends and conversion rates to build out a reliable plan for marketing goals and targets.

ROI Analytics

Understand which tactics not only feed the top of the funnel, but are also creating the most revenue for your business. Then, with campaign spend details, Discern can calculate ROI accurately.


Optimize Marketing Spend and Influence More Revenue

It can be difficult to connect data from the marketing funnel to the sales funnel to analyze full marketing impact.

Meanwhile, Discern connects your CRM, marketing automation system and campaign platforms for deeper funnel and lead cohort analytics. We integrate your Google, LinkedIn and Bing accounts for spend insights and ROI analytics by program or campaign.

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Discern connects your CRM and marketing automation systems for deeper funnel and lead cohort analytics. Additionally, we integrate your Google analytics and Google / LinkedIn Ad performance for a holistic look at marketing engagement.

Lead Cohort Analytics

Reverse-funnel Modeling

Lead Flow & Funnel Visuals

ROI Analytics

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It is critically important for us to slice and dice financial data and operational KPIs. Discern helps us actively measure, monitor, and analyze business performance in real-time, enabling us to drive smart business behaviors.

Riya CaoCEO, LSpedia

Run Holistic Analytics With Data From Any Source

Discern is the Smart Way to Run Holistic Analytics

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Discern is the Smart Way to Run Holistic Analytics