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About Discern

Your Operational Command Center.

Discern is on a mission to help clients reach the next level of performance both through valuation-driving business analytics and advice. As a result, CXOs can make business decisions with conviction, helping to instill even greater investor confidence.


Discern connects, transforms, and analyzes data from any source, including goals/targets, to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive look at business health.


With scenario modeling, revenue forecasting, and performance monitoring, Discern enables CXOs to easily see the impact of past or future initiatives.


Discern’s full suite of Revenue Intelligence tools helps optimize the impact and performance of go-to-market efforts while reducing the CAC payback period.

Steer Your Business With Confidence and Exceed Stakeholder Expectations

Discern delivers automated business insights and advice through augmented data analytics. By connecting critical information spread across functions and systems, Discern draws out deeper intelligence and automatically offers holistic business recommendations.

Through partnership with top-tier private equity firms, Discern has incorporated industry best practices directly into the platform, making it easier than ever to drive operational excellence.

While traditional strategy exercises and consultancy engagements are expensive and time consuming, Discern’s no-code platform automatically reveals hundreds of business insights in a matter of weeks, at a fraction of the cost.

Welcome to the future of data analytics.

Meet the People Behind the Innovation

Helen Lin

Founder and CEO

Ling Lin

Chief Data Scientist

Venky Muthiah

VP of Product

Liz Sullivan

VP of Marketing

Wei Tang

VP of Engineering

Kaia Bergmann-Dean

Front-end Developer

Mateusz Buczek

Product Designer

Hubert Glowiak

Front-end Developer

Bowen Zhang

Software & Data Engineer

Pengzheng Zhang

Software & Data Engineer

Advisory Board

Kevin Gould

Co-founder and President of IHS Markit

Daniel Guetta

Professor, Director of Columbia Data Analytics Initiative

Bill Farbach

CFO of Facet Wealth, Culture IQ, Work Wave, Upland Mobile

Bob DeSantis

President & COO of Conga, CRO IBM Blue Box, Tier 3

Step Into the Future of Data Analytics