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About Discern

Discern is leading the future of data analytics and business intelligence. By ingesting, transforming and analyzing information hidden in functional-specific Saas systems, Discern empowers customers to make smart business decisions, faster.

Free your data from the bounds of rigid, siloed reporting.

Discern helps companies increase visibility, improve operational performance and streamline investor reporting through system connectivity, KPI automation, and ROI&I solutions.


Leverage out-of-the-box connectivity to extract, transform and integrate data from your favorite, cross functional SaaS systems.


Calculate and monitor company wide KPIs with the ability to drill into contributing factors and pinpoint the source of underperformance.


Take a hands on approach to revenue growth with tailored revenue plans, pipeline analytics and automated advice backed by AI.

The Discern Approach

Discern’s no code business intelligence solution connects millions of data points across SaaS platforms, without the need for technical resources.

By working with top private equity firms to incorporate industry best practices directly into the system, Discern automatically reveals hundreds of KPIs and trends that matter most when growing a business.

The best part? Insights are available in a matter of weeks, not months or years. As a result, clients are empowered to make smarter decisions and reach the next level of performance, faster.

Welcome to the future of data analytics.

Meet the People Behind the Product

Helen Lin

Founder and CEO

Ling Lin

Chief Data Scientist

Venky Muthiah

VP of Product

Liz Sullivan

VP of Marketing

Wei Tang

VP of Engineering

Kaia Bergmann-Dean

Front-end Developer

Mateusz Buczek

Product Designer

Hubert Glowiak

Front-end Developer

Bowen Zhang

Software & Data Engineer

Pengzheng Zhang

Software & Data Engineer

Advisory Board

Kevin Gould

Co-founder and President of IHS Markit

Daniel Guetta

Professor, Director of Columbia Data Analytics Initiative

Bill Farbach

CFO of Facet Wealth, Culture IQ, Work Wave, Upland Mobile

Bob DeSantis

President & COO of Conga, CRO IBM Blue Box, Tier 3

Step Into the Future of Data Analytics