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A 360 Degree Approach to Customer Management and Customer Operations Reporting

Discern Customer Intelligence software connects your clients’ data wherever it lives to provide a holistic look at customer health and activity. As a result, customer success teams can lead efficient, proactive account management strategies.


Today, there is pressure on B2B SaaS companies to not only retain, but also expand with their existing customer base. Discern Customer Intelligence helps Customer Success and Finance teams capitalize on emerging expansion and upsell opportunities, while mitigating at-risk customers.

It’s Never Been Easier to Drive Hands On CX

ARR Calculations & Waterfalls

Calculate ARR/MRR by account, and rolled up to the company. Understand what’s contributing to the change between any two dates and visualize the data in an ARR waterfall.

NRR Forecasting

Utilizing conversion and renewal rate trends, Discern forecasts ARR and NRR on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Transactional Revenue Insights

For companies with usage-based or self-service business models, view product usage and daily revenues.

360 Degree Customer View

Consolidate all account health data in a single solution and proactively identify happy customers versus risks to churn rates.

Renewal Trackers

Leverage account expiration / renewals calendars and automated alerts to plan renewals and account management efforts.

Customer Retention Table

Group customers by acquisition date and track how ARR, NRR, GDR, and logos evolve over time. Slice and dice the table by segment to identify customer trends.

Centralize Customer Data

Drive collaboration and transparency across Customer Success, Renewals, Finance, Sales and Marketing teams and align strategies.

By connecting customer data from any system or spreadsheet, Discern provides a holistic look at health and activity. Slice and dice your customers by invoice status, renewal status, customer success manager, NPS, product usage and more in order to align efforts across teams.

Increase Expansions

Identify which customers are prime for expansion and upsell.

Discern reveals customer trends by cohort, providing deep insights into segmented customer behaviors. As a result, sales teams and customer success teams can target expansion conversations and campaigns on the profiles with the highest renewal and conversion rates.

Reduce Churn

Customer churn has a profound impact on a company’s revenue potential.

Discern supports a proactive renewals program, fueling customer retention strategies and helping prevent churn. By mapping contract expirations on a timeline alongside health data, Discern helps account management and renewal teams ensure customer satisfaction ahead of their renewal.

Streamline Revenue Calculations

Tracking SaaS revenue can become complex, especially when usage based pricing or cross-sells come into play.

Discern’s engine runs comprehensive data reconciliation analytics across CRM, Billing and ERPs to accurately calculate revenue (daily, MRR, ARR). By milestoning your ARR data and taking into account revenue recognition nuances, Discern provides insights into ARR changes by account or across the company.

Optimize the Impact of Initiatives

Tracking customer performance by cohorts can be helpful for tracking customer success program performance.

Discern’s customer retention table groups customers by vintage or profile and tracks collective revenue and retention over time. As a result, it’s easy to test and track the impact of various initiatives on different customer groups.

Customer Retention Cohort Analysis

Predict Your Growth Potential

Being able to accurately forecast ARR and NRR is critical to the longevity of SaaS businesses, especially ones worried about cash runway.

Discern analyzes historical conversion rates for both expansion and renewal opportunities. By looking at your existing customer base and upcoming renewals, we are able to provide an accurate range for forecasted ARR and NRR.

Transform Customer Operations into a Revenue Driver

Check out our customer reviews on G2 and request a demo today and experience firsthand how Discern’s Customer Success software can revolutionize your customer success program and improve customer health.