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Reach Your Targets Efficiently and Fuel Sustainable Growth

Discern’s Sales Dashboards and Analytics uncover deeper insights from your systems, ultimately helping condense sales cycles, increase conversion rates, and sustainably hit bookings targets.


Reach Your Targets Efficiently and Fuel Sustainable Growth


Today, sales managers and sales reps are under more pressure to hit targets as efficiently as possible. Discern’s Sales Intelligence tool provides the sales dashboards and analytics needed to fuel the most effective sales processes and strategies.

Holistic Sales Dashboards Delivered in Days

Best-Practice Sales Dashboards

Discern’s out-of-the-box charts and modern sales dashboards provide the visualizations many wish they could build themselves (+more!)

Accurate Sales Forecasting

Get your forecast within 5% accuracy. We are so confident in the accuracy of our AI sales forecast that we visualize how our forecast stacks up against actuals as the quarter progresses.

Milestoned Sales KPIs

CRMs are not great at pointing out what’s changed in a specific time-period. Discern highlights how opportunities evolve and provides a sales velocity table for point-in-time performance of any sales metrics.

Scenario Modeling

Today preserving resources is the key to sustainable growth. Discern’s reverse-funnel modeling helps you understand how much pipeline needs to be created by segment to meet targets. Additionally, our capacity planning tool reveals how many reps are needed to hit quota.

Sales Rep Leaderboard

Stack rank sales representatives based on important metrics such as quota attainment, pipeline coverage, sales efficiency, etc. Discern’s Sales Intelligence software pinpoints which reps close business most efficiently so you can optimize your sales process accordingly.

Holistic Activity Tracking

Sometimes reps can forget to log emails, meetings, and call notes. Discern’s Sales Intelligence software integrates with call recording software, engagement platforms and email to add missing information to your CRM.

Discern has become instrumental in helping our portfolio companies achieve sustainable growth. In the current environment, the ability to monitor leading indicators for bookings and sales efficiency is more important than ever.

Pablo DominguezOperating Partner, Insight Partners

Hit Your Sales Targets Most Efficiently

With businesses challenged to “do more with less,” there is greater pressure on sales teams to meet quota with fewer resources.

Discern helps sales managers understand what’s needed to reliably hit targets. By also revealing which prospect profiles are most likely to close easily, Discern helps AEs and XDRs focus outbound efforts.

Pipeline Modeling

Enter targets by segment or opportunity type and Discern will utilize historical trends to identify pipeline creation targets.

Pipeline Coverage

Don’t blindly trust the 3x or 5x rule! Discern analyzes historical conversion rates to identify ideal pipeline coverage – it might be lower (or higher) than you think.

Sales Capacity Planning

Understand how adding or losing sales reps will impact your sales forecast. As a result, you can make headcount decisions with confidence.

ICP Insights

Compare sales efficiency and performance trends for various customize profiles to ensure your ICP is always up to date.

Eliminate Surprises with Greater Pipeline Visibility

Discern helps sales VPs and reps proactively manage their pipeline and stay on top of deals.

Our “fan favorite” Sales Dashboard streamlines pipeline reviews and forecasting meetings, revealing how opportunities have changed in a given period. With daily and weekly summaries, sales reps and managers never miss a beat!

Gain Confidence in Your Sales Forecast

Most companies struggle to get their forecast within 15% accuracy every quarter.

Discern applies both art and science to forecasting. First, a machine learning forecast provides an unbiased analysis based on open pipeline and historical activity. Alternatively, a forecast workflow enables reps to incorporate qualitative factors into their bookings predictions.

AI Sales Forecast

Leverage an artificial intelligence and machine learning backed algorithm to score each opportunity on the likelihood to close each quarter and roll up to a quarterly or yearly forecast.

Sales Forecast Rollup

Create your own sales team forecast by allowing your reps and managers to identify which opportunities to include in the weekly forecast, with the ability to override the amount listed in your CRM.

“Discern’s predictive analytics are insanely good. Within a week of the start of Q2, Discern was within $10K of where we ended the quarter. By day 10, it was exactly on target. Unreal.”

Andrew D.VP of Revenue at Quantive

Proactively Address Risks & Inefficiencies

Many revenue leaders lack the visibility to take a proactive approach to pipeline management and optimization.

Discern’s opportunity scoring, risk flags, and pipeline visualizations enable sales leaders to proactively address pipeline inefficiencies and at-risk deals. As a result, they can coach or deploy training resources designed to increase conversions and shorten sales cycles.

Improve Sales Rep Coaching & Enablement

Hiring, onboarding, and retaining sales talent is an important factor to a scale-up’s success.

Discern identifies your top performers versus reps that need additional help. As a result, sales managers can replicate the habits of the best reps while focusing coaching on the AEs that need it the most.

AE Scorecards

Utilize our sales performance dashboard to stack rank AEs based and understand who is at the top or bottom of your sales leaderboard.

Activity Tracking

Track past and future sales activities against goals and broken out by team and rep. As a result, you can more proactively monitor and correct rep prospecting processes and habits.

Hiring Cohort Analytics

Group reps by hiring cohort and understand which sales groups ramped the quickest. As a result, uncover actionable data and insights needed to update training and onboarding programs accordingly.

Pipeline Reviews

Sit down with reps and see how their entire sales pipeline is evolving. Utilize Discern’s interactive dashboard to identify stalled deals and take a data driven approach to coaching reps on funnel acceleration.

Discern Sales intelligence + Data Hygiene Services = Accurate CRM & Sales Data

Have Faith In the Accuracy of Your CRM Data

Data hygiene can be a massive pain for sales leaders, especially when running key reports for senior management and board meetings.

The Discern platform flags inaccurate data, helping you understand exactly where updates need to be made. From there, you can update the information yourself or let our Data Hygiene Services team help out.

Discern’s Sales Dashboards Give Quantive’s CEO Peace of Mind

Ignite Your Sales Strategy & Uncover Your Growth Potential

Your sales program is an intricate machine, with many parts that can impact growth. Discern provides revenue leaders with the clarity needed to nimbly maneuver challenges and seize opportunities.

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FAQs About Discern’s Sales Intelligence Dashboards

What systems does Discern integrate with for CRM analytics?

Discern is data source agnostic. So, we collect sales metrics and data from any CRM. Some sample CRMs include: Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Zoho.

How long does it take to implement Discern's Sales Intelligence dashboards?

A typical implementation for Discern’s Sales Intelligence software takes one week. Depending on your data accuracy, we can provide actionable insights and key sales metrics in a a few days. Read our G2 Reviews to learn what customers have to say about our fast implementations.

Does Sales Intelligence integrate with other Discern solutions?

Discern’s Sales Intelligence solution integrates with all of our other products, giving you a full look at go to market performance – from lead generation to customer relationship management.

What are some sample sales KPIs in Discern's Sales Dashboard?

Discern’s sales dashboard provides milestoned tracking and real time insights for key sales metrics such as:

  1. Sales Cycle
  2. Push Out Rate
  3. Pull In Rate
  4. Number of meetings per won opportunity
  5. Stage Advancement Rates
  6. Pipeline Conversion Rates
  7. Win Rate
  8. And more!

How is Discern different than CRM reporting I can do myself?

CRM systems provide rigid reporting. These reports typically rely heavily on sales operations teams to set up and maintain workflow automation.

For example, let’s say an individual sales representative skips stage 1 when creating an opportunity and immediately moves to stage 2 or 3. If the pipeline creation dashboard is pulling information based on the stage entry date for stage 1, the reporting will break.

Discern’s powerful rules interpret the real story behind your CRM data, providing more accurate sales dashboards. Plus, CRMs don’t milestone changes so it’s hard to track when and how sales metrics and fields change.

Who is Sales Intelligence built for?

Discern’s sales intelligence software was built for Revenue Leaders and Sales executives such as CROs, Sales VPs, and Revenue VPs. It’s also built for sales managers, sales reps, sales operations and revenue operations professionals.

What are some sales dashboard examples in Discern?

Discern sales dashboard examples include an opportunity management dashboard, pipeline review dashboard, forecasting dashboard. Book a demo for a full look at our sales dashboard options.

Implementing Discern.io was one of the best choices I made in my first 90 days of building out a RevOps Organization at Florence Healthcare. The Discern team turns a task that is normally super complex and time-consuming into an easy, bite-sized effort that can be stood up quickly.

Ben CookRevenue Operations, Florence Healthcare

Remove the Questions Marks From Your Sales Strategy

See how Discern’s Sales Intelligence Dashboards can help your sales reps and mangers hit targets with data-driven decision making.