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Dotmatics optimizes marketing campaign strategy with centralized data and ROI insights.

By March 18, 2024No Comments

The decentralized nature of marketing automation and campaign platforms such as Pardot, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and Bing, make it difficult for marketing teams to accurately and efficiently track performance. Today, Dotmatics utilizes Discern to centralize marketing data and monitor lead performance by campaign and cohort.


Despite efforts made by the Dotmatics Marketing Operations team to integrate and harmonize campaign activities and performance data in Salesforce, the team found it difficult to fully automate marketing analytics.

Specifically, the lack of flexibility in tracking campaign spend and monitoring cohorted lead conversion made it difficult to make real-time, informed decisions about marketing spend and campaign effectiveness

“I have been really impressed with the range of different connectors that can be brought into Discern. Instead of having to look at multiple dashboards in Salesforce and 3 different campaign systems, we can see everything from one page in Discern.”

Sarah Walsh, Mareting Operations, Dotmatics

Discern + Dotmatics

Dotmatics originally enlisted Discern to help drive pipeline visibility in Salesforce, but the team soon realized Discern’s capabilities could be extended to marketing performance transparency.

Today, Dotmatics’ Marketing Operations and Lead Generation teams utilize Discern to consolidate data from different marketing sources in order to track performance and measure the ROI. As a result, Dotmatics is able to pivot campaign spend and allocate resources to the highest converting programs.

Ultimately, Discern has empowered Dotmatics to:

  • Save hours every month compiling data, analyzing performance, and creating management reports.
  • Monitor real-time MQL and pipeline generation performance against targets.
  • Feel confident in the accuracy of lead and pipeline data by source and campaign.
  • Track campaign spend across LinkedIn, Bing, and Google in a single platform.

About Dotmatics

Dotmatics is the global leader in R&D scientific software that connects science, data, and decision-making. Combining a workflow and data platform with best-of-breed applications, we offer the first true end-to-end solutions for biology, chemistry, formulations, data management, flow cytometry, and more.