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Discern improves Extole’s data visibility and autonomy, enhancing business-wide decisions

By July 25, 2023March 26th, 2024No Comments

Extole, an industry-leader in customer-led growth solutions, needed a solution that could provide real-time performance visibility across the business to support efficient growth. Rather than manually calculating KPIs and maintaining performance trends in spreadsheets, Extole turned to Discern.


As the steward of Extole’s KPI analytics, CFO Rob Costanzo built out several processes to monitor trend changes on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. However, chasing down business heads to update source data, and then downloading and manipulating data in spreadsheets became a recurring challenge. Rob also noticed that the data presented in spreadsheets had less of an impact for driving executive decisions.

While the Extole team had previously explored a Tableau implementation to aggregate company data, due to heavy and expensive maintenance requirements, they desired a lighter analytics solution.

“Discern has been instrumental in helping us stay on top of KPIs, without the need to chase business heads for updates or spend hours responding to inquiries. With a real-time view into performance by department, we now have the visibility needed to execute the best decisions for our business.”

Rob Costanzo, CFO, Extole

Discern + Extole

Recognizing the need for automated and more impactful analytics, Extole selected Discern Operational KPIs in early 2023. To ensure the success of the implementation, the Discern team worked closely with Extole to promptly address customizations and ensure data accuracy.

Discern has since empowered Extole to:

  • Visualize performance trends and drive greater urgency through real-time trend graphics and root-cause analysis.
  • Improve internal discussions utilizing function-specific dashboards during weekly and monthly leadership meetings.
  • Empower data autonomy and reduce ad-hoc reporting requests with a single source of performance data.
  • Gain deeper insights into company performance by accessing 200+ out of the box KPIs and automated retrospective insights.
  • Improve data architecture and categorization.
  • All while saving time and reducing resources required to run performance analytics.

About Extole

Extole enables marketers to connect with millions of advocates, scaling word-of-mouth to acquire new customers and increase loyalty using their greatest competitive advantage: their customers.