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Sales Intelligence Case Study with PlayPlay

By April 13, 2023August 29th, 2023No Comments

Stepping into her role as Vice President of Strategy and Operations, Véronique Goutierre searched for a solution to easily monitor, analyze and report on Go-To-Market performance. PlayPlay selected Discern to drive greater transparency and team autonomy for data analytics.


PlayPlay transitioned to Salesforce to better monitor sales activity at the end of 2021. However, it became clear Salesforce could not fully address PlayPlay’s data analytics requirements.

While the Operations team had created multiple dashboards in Salesforce, the solution was hard to use and required users to apply specific filters to access the right data. As a result, many heavily relied on the Operations team to pull ad hoc reports; but even the Operations team was limited in the reporting and analytics they could run in Salesforce. As a result, the PlayPlay team wasn’t able to see the full story behind sales performance and precisely act on CRM insights.

“I am impressed by the ease and speed of onboarding. We implemented Discern in July and by month-end, our entire sales team was using the solution as an everyday tool. Product enhancements have been frequent and spot on.”

Véronique Goutierre
VP, Strategy & Operations

Discern + PlayPlay

Ready to adopt a revenue intelligence solution, the PlayPlay team engaged Discern in a competitive POC in 2022. The team quickly chose Discern as the best solution to seamlessly surface sales insights.

Today, Discern enables PlayPlay to:

  • Empower various team members – from AEs to the CEO – to gain more autonomy and independently analyze sales data
  • Compare sales performance and efficiency metrics across various segments in order to deploy targeted projects and initiatives
  • Easily compare sales performance against plan and quotas in real-time
  • Streamline weekly AE and Manager forecasting exercises
  • Inform coaching efforts and 1:1 meetings between AEs and Sales Leadership


Discern provided PlayPlay’s management team with cohorted insights required to proactively spot and address factors impacting sales performance and forecasts. As a result, the team is much more confident in focusing their sales process and strategy.

About PlayPlay

PlayPlay is a French software company. Their video creation platform enables marketing and communication teams to turn their messages into memorable videos, without any required editing skills.