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The Next Generation of Business Intelligence Has Arrived

Discern is Where Data, Decisions, and Scale Converge.

The Next Generation of Business Intelligence Has Arrived

Trusted by Forward-Thinking CXOs

Trusted by Forward-thinking CXOs

Discern analyzes cross-business performance trends, understands contributing factors, and illuminates the best path to success.

It is critically important for us to slice and dice financial data and KPIs. Discern helps us actively measure, monitor, and analyze business performance in real-time, enabling us to drive smart business behaviors.

Riya CaoCEO, LSpedia

Data Analytics
Without the BI BS

Discern is an effortless solution for B2B businesses looking to analyze cross-functional performance, understand contributing factors, and illuminate the best path ahead.


Imagine the power of converging all business data into a single, comprehensive narrative. With an all-in-one data infrastructure, Discern uncovers the entire story behind business performance.


In today's data-rich landscape, cutting through the noise of multiple systems and dashboards is challenging. Discern leverages AI to identify critical patterns and proactively alert businesses to burgeoning trends.

KPI Tracking Software


At the forefront of business intelligence innovation, Discern standardizes a performance hierarchy. This empowers customers to understand the why behind performance, effortlessly facilitating strategic pivots.

Leading Indicator KPI Software


Apart from business intelligence platforms, many companies find themselves in need of function-specific analytics tools. Discern's Revenue Intelligence suite consolidates data analytics and forecasting for the entire GTM organization in a single, unified platform.

Sales dashboard examples: pipeline movement monitoring and sales revenue forecasting

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Trust Discern to Uncover The Full Story Behind Your Performance

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