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PSPDFKit streamlines reporting and data visibility with Discern

By June 28, 2024No Comments

As a rapidly growing business, PSPDFKit understood the importance of having a cohesive view of their go-to-market metrics and KPIs across disparate data sources. After recently undergoing multiple acquisitions, the PSPDFKit team implemented Discern to streamline reporting, enhance forecasting, and drive data-driven decision making.


Following a series of acquisitions, PSPDFKit found themselves operating across three separate Salesforce instances as well as pulling data from NetSuite for financial data and churn metrics. This made it extremely difficult to get an accurate, holistic picture of pipeline health, customer churn, and revenue forecasts.

Hours were spent manually consolidating data into reports and presentations for weekly management meetings, quarterly board reporting, and other key business conversations.

“Discern has enabled us easily, without an enormous investment of time and resources, to stitch a bunch of disparate data sources together in a visually digestible way that makes it faster to get to the information we need to run our business at full sprint.”

Sam Fleder, Chief Operating Officer, PSPDFKit

Discern + PSPDFKit

With Discern, PSPDFKit has successfully brought together all disparate data sources into one cohesive view. The Discern team works alongside PSPDFKit to modify views and metrics to meet changing requirements.

As a result, the PSPDFKit team has gained transparency into their crucial go-to-market metrics, fueling data-driven execution throughout the entire organization.

Additionally, Discern has empowered PSPDFKit to:

  • Run efficient forecast meetings, reviewing all key go-to-market data from a single, up to date page
  • Quickly identify potential churn risks to enable proactive customer outreach and mitigation strategies
  • Expedite regular board reporting with up-to-date visualizations that clearly convey performance and strategy
  • Inform key financial decisions with an accurate view into sales and renewals forecasts

About PSPDFKit

PSPDFKit, the leading document lifecycle platform, is helping the world innovate beyond paper with its developer tools, document web services API, low-code and workflow solutions.